Industrial I/O solutions for developers, AI and robots.

Industrial grade I/O controllers allow you to measure analog signals and control output pins from your app whether you use Python, C# or Node.js.

Connect I/O to cloud service

Build for IOT machines allows anyone to build cloud controllable machines without expert knowledge in electronics, firmware development, or PLC programming. In a simple setup, our controller connects to leading IOT cloud servers so you can easily update existing machinery or scale an army of robots.

Stop playing with prototypes and electronic hobby models!

Step up and start your next project with industrial grade I/O hardware. Effectively measure analog signals or control output pins without breadboards, or the fear of short circuit jumper cables.

Boost Home Automation with Voice Control.

Effortlessly expand the functionalities of Amazon Echo or Google Home. Our controller allows you to develop voice controlled devices that are truly beneficial in the real world.

Controllers designed to build and scale at record speeds.

Our industrial controllers reduces the time it takes to build and scale IOT machines. Choose the right controller for any job. Available in 3 coats.

The Casual Rugged Controllers

Monitor industrial sensors and control devices or equipment directly from the cloud. The Casual is a DIN rail mountable controller for the control cabinet.

The Outdoor Modules

Ideal for the harsh and rugged industrial environment, The Outdoor modules offer encapsulated electronics and fully potted modules with a protection rating of IP67 that can be mounted directly on any machine.

The 'Naked' Embeddable Controller Boards

Ideal for any custom hardware project, its compact size offers versatility in both space and weight.

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